Welcome to the exciting World of Augarten in Vienna

Immerse yourself in the world of porcelain art



Founded in 1718, Augarten proudly looks back on nearly 300 years of history. Indeed, ever since its inception, every piece of porcelain has been carefully handcrafted at the Augarten Palace in the heart of Vienna – the beautiful venue, pictured above, is now also available to rent for events.
Famous for its delicate and graceful form, Viennese porcelain has become synonomous with artistry and refinement. Known for the purity of their lines and their exquisite design, our pieces have come to grace the tables of many great men and women accross Europe. We are proud to say that to this day, producing the highest quality of “white gold” has remained the Porcelain Manufactories first priority.


Look over the shoulders of our artists and craftsmen at work


Guided Tours

Our tour of the manufactory will give you an artistic glimpse into nearly 300 years of porcelain production as you will have the unique opportunity to watch porcelain modelers and painters at work.

Visit our Porcelain Museum


Porcelain Museum

Our museum is dedicated to the history of Viennese porcelain. As such it showcases a cross sections of 25,000 pieces, ranging in style, design and shapes, which spam from the opening of the manufactory in 1718 and date up until this day. The most impressive piece of our exhibit is an original kiln that towers imposingly over both exhibition floors.
Following your visit, stop at our Café Restaurant Augarten, to grab a coffee or some typical austrian food while overlooking the oldest baroque garden in Vienna


Study the art of figurine production and porcelain painting in one of our workshops



To share our love for intracate painting and figurine making with you, our experience employees teach courses and workshops in which they introduce you to the secrets of their ancient craft. Our children’s studio also offers little artists fun lessons in porcelain painting under professional guidance. The adult courses we offer are thematicaly organized between: painting flowers, painting gold, easter painting, spring motifs, figurines, painting birds, fruits and berries, indian painting and christmas painting. The children ateliers are are organized around the celebrations of Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas and thus make for the creation of perfect singular gifts.

The Augarten Cafe & Restaurant



The café restaurant Augarten is set in the palace and overlooks the beautiful baroque Augarten garden. Along with its impressive surroundings, come delicious meals created in the style of the former lands of the austrian crown. The restaurant is easily reached by foot, bike or even car as it has parking spaces available for customers.


Events in the Augarten castle


Event Location

What is more breathtaking than hosting an event in a historical Vienese castle? With its beautiful surrounding gardens and towering white walls, the Augarten castle is a stunning venue to host a wide range of events. From weddings, to company parties, to big meetings – our facilities are the perfect location to host a dazzling event with a touch of historic grandeur.