Current Exhibition

Off our own bat

Treasures from the Augarten Porcelain Museum Collection

Founded in 2011, the Augarten Porcelain Museum follows the history of Vienna porcelain from 1718 to the present day. A central place on both floors is occupied by the original Augarten kiln from the year 1923. Since the museum’s foundation, the historical holdings of the Augarten ‘Archive’ have been regularly augmented through acquisitions by the proprietor. The current presentation, ‘off our own bat’, offers a tour d’horizon covering the most important eras of Vienna porcelain from the Baroque through to the designers of the twenty-first century.

Every historical period has had its own expectations of porcelain as a material. As porcelain objects reflect tastes, practical requirements and social aspirations of their time, they help us to gain a better understanding of the art and culture of their respective eras.

Over the last three centuries, the luxury material of Vienna porcelain has served as a vehicle for the telling of fantastic stories about such matters as dining culture, diplomacy or pure artistic creativity – in a manner unparalleled by any other working material.