Children’s Studio

Children’s drawing has become a cherished tradition at the Palace as well as our other locations. Under the guidance of our very kind professionals, each child chooses from a variety of vases, bowls and plates, and is taught the technique of porcelain painting – their imagination has no bounds. This wonderful activity is also an opportunity for the young ones to create unique gifts for Easter,  Mother’s Day or Christmas. During the event, parents or grandparents can view the Porcelain Museum or enjoy the culinary delights of the Cafe Restaurant Augarten. One week later, after the kiln and some final touches, the finished pieces can be picked up or sent by request.

Duration approx. 90 Minutes incl. preparation.
Costs for painting utensils (the kiln & the child supervision) € 12,-

White wares cost approx. € 25,-


At Augarten Castle, Vienna
T +43 / (0)1 / 211 24 200
F +43 / (0)1 / 211 24

At Augarten Shop Salzburg
T +43 / (0)662 / 84 07 14


Dates 2019:

23rd March            Augarten Shop Linz

30th March           Schloss Augarten, Vienna

13th April             Augarten Shop Salzburg

9th November      Augarten Shop Salzburg

16th November    Schloss Augarten, Vienna

23th November    Schloss Augarten, Vienna


Start every two hours starting at 11:00 to 17:00