Museum: Living in the 50s

Date: 24.07.2014

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Who believes our museum is boring hasn’t visited our newest exhibition “Swinging Teatime”! Porcelain and drafts of the 50s are being issued besides original fifties furnishing, inviting our guests to rest and browse through magazins of that time. Above this misleading peace a Puch-scooter of the year 1954 dashes through the museum, astonishing a lady dressed in vintage cloth.


The attitude toward life evolves besides in fashion and music, in tableware. This time had style! Modern shape, cheerful patterns, trendy porcelain, pastel colours and reduced handling of black and white are distinctive of the timelessly hip porcelain from the fifties.

Although you are not allowed to light a cigarette in the Porcelain Museum at Augarten, but you can marvel at smoker cases of porcelain! Cigarette cup, box and ashtray were a must-have in trendy fifties flats. Practically obligatory to a party in the fifties besides a splendid cigarette case were a typical paper napkin, a Soletti-stand and a soda-siphon!


Not forgetting a transistor radio and fine vinyl records, so the young people of the 50s could sway their hips to swinging music. If you want to re-experience the feeling of fifties parties and this tensioned time of emergence, visit the Porcelain Museum at Augarten and get yourself excited by time traveling into the “Swinging Teatime”!