Champagne bowl with platinum

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Have you been looking for your ideal glass of champagne, searching high and low for a timelessly elegant glass that would allow for the wine’s aromas and flavors to truly develop? If yes, look no further than Augarten’s precious champagne bowls, which have become a beloved must for festivities.

Champagne itself has always been surrounded by a veil of mystery and romanticism. The golden bubbly drink has long been associated with class and extravagance thanks to both its taste and aesthetic. Interestingly, the captivating romantic tales went beyond only the drink as wild sensual stories surrounding the champagne cup began to emerge.

The most whimsical tale of all has to do with Marie Antoinette’s left breast being used as source of inspiration for the champagne bowl. A modernized version of her 1788 sensuous Sevres porcelain milk bowls, was brought back onto the tabletop scene in the early 19th century by Josephine Bonaparte. The risqué coupe also had its share of modern iterations as both Jane McAdam Freud and Karl Lagerfeld created their interpretations of it in the early 21st century.

Although the coupe’s design was historically attributed to an Englishman around 1663, the intrigue surrounding the muse who inspired it continues to live on as eminent names such Helen of Troy, Marie Antoinette, Madame du Pompadour, Madame du Barry, Josephine Bonaparte, and Lady Penrose are widely whispered following the celebrated champagne ´´pop´´.

Thereupon, marrying a uniquely graceful aesthetic, clouded in a veil of historic romanticism, with distinct pragmatic properties necessary to insure the purest delivery of your champagne, Augarten has revived the traditional champagne bowl with a modern twist.

Handcrafted in our Augarten porcelain manufactory in the heart of Vienna, our bowl is the perfect shape for your wine to breathe, open and develop insuring a much richer delivery of aromas and flavors. Our bowl’s delightful lightness, thinness of the lip and superb 24 carat polished gold and platinum interior lining further guarantee an optimal refreshing tasting experience with a flair of grandeur.

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