Coffee Pot, 1,25l

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Josef Hoffman’s 1929 “Mythos” pattern clearly reflects his architectural passion. Creating a line which playfully combines geometric lines and historical architectural features, Hoffman created a cup which challenged traditional porcelain shapes all the while pushing us to reflect on the evolution of design and patterns through time as past present and future constantly come to collide in the process of creating something new.

A man of many artistic talents, Hoffman was, alongside Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos and Gustav Klimt, was known as one of the most important designers of the 20th century. As a graphic artist, architect and craftsman, Hoffman was both the founder of the “Wiener Werkstätte” and a powerful member of the “Wiener Sezession”.

His Coffee Pot is the perfect playful and edgy design addition you had been looking for. Combining rounded features with architectural features this piece creates an atmosphere that is unlike any other porcelain design and that will ultimately gracefully make your table set stand out.

Size: 1.25 l

0.853 kg
23.6 x 15 cm