Elephant lying white

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Elephants have been positively associated with these traits for centuries. Not only their strength but also their gentleness engender feelings of protection and security and create the impression that they can master all obstacles. For humans these are attributes that we seek in friends, partners, or parents as well as for ourselves. However, it really is not easy to have immediate contact with these animal symbols of positive energy and happiness because – unlike cats or dogs or hamsters or other pets – you cannot put an elephant up behind the house in the back yard. Therefore, Augarten has aspired to create life-like miniatures of these gentle giants out of its fine porcelain. The bull, the cow, and the calf – wandering serenely through the steppe with raised trunks – all are available in porcelain – unpainted in white or plated in platinum – and
this herd now has a new offspring. The BABY ELEPHANT is resting on the ground and looking up at this family with affection, stretching its trunk upward, and opening its little mouth.


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