Jug, 0,06l

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Our “Young” product line was designed for lovers of fine porcelain who are looking for a set that they can easily use on an everyday basis. It was designed envisioning mixing possibilities and a timeless sense of class which wouldn’t affect either the products’ versatility or impend on its practical usage. For fun and fresh table sets we have delicately lined the pieces with vibrant and playful colors. Moreover, to satisfy all your daily needs, we have made sure to include all kinds of products in our line ranging from our brunch egg holders to our versatile bowl which can be used from anything ranging from fun dips to ice cream. Now it’s your turn to mix and match to create your fun table- don’t forget small staple pieces like our delicate little jug for these little details will make all the difference on your table.

Capacity: 0,06 l / white, unpainted

0.056 kg
4.5 x 5 cm