Mocha cup Normalzeit

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Cubic clocks, about seventy of which remain today, have marked Vienna’s cityscape for over one hundred years. During the 19th century, due to industrialization, especially with advances in railroads, knowing the exact time became crucial. As such, pocket watches became a symbol of social status while the number of public clocks grew incrementally. Having to be wound by hand, these public clocks were often imprecise which resulted in major time discrepancies as people had a tendency to set their private clocks according to the public one.

A solution to the “Viennese clock plight” emerged in the summer of 1907 with the first electrically operated cubic clock. Mounted on a seven meter tall lamp post at the intersection of Opernring and Kärntnerstrasse, this four sided clock, illuminated from the back, was driven by a master clock in the nearest advertising pillar. Thanks to this central system, all clock times matched and the timekeepers only had to adjust them once or twice a year.

Thus, with its slick timeless form, our Mocca cup “Normalzeit” references Viennese history with pride. Developed for the NORMALZEIT project, our product hints at the simple design of the cube clock. Indeed, after spontaneously deciding to buy the cube clocks and all their associated proprietary rights from the City of Vienna in 2007, the “Lichterloh” group suggested introducing the NORMALZEIT product to the market.