Sugar Bowl, 0,45l

Josef Hoffmann, co-founder of the “Wiener Werkstätte” designed this tea service for Augarten. The product’s intricate relief-like surface, featuring a fish-scale design, perfectly showcases Hoffman’s ingeniosity as a designer. Indeed, his Atlantis set appears to beautifully balance the tradition of pure white and delicately rounded porcelain with a modern touch of fantasy. As such Atlantis has become a favorite as it evokes a sense of timeless elegance all the while beautifully showcasing the sensitive properties of porcelain.

Hoffman’s rounded sugar bowl is the perfect addition to any tea service. While the shape of the piece will bring a playful note to your table, the delicate scales covering the porcelain’s surface and the intricate flower pattern used to create the object’s knob imbue this sugar bowl with a sense of fragility and refinement.


Size: 0.45 l

0.287 kg
10.5 x 2 cm