Albin Döbrich represents Nouveau porcelain of the highest quality

Inspired by the Spanish Riding School, Albin Döbrich designed six beautiful figurines for Augarten. He particularly studied Lipizzaner horses for he has a strong affinity for them. From his in depth research his collections TRAB, Courbette, IN Pilaren, LEVADE and PIAFFE were born in 1926-27.

Horses have long captivated the imagination and attention of various porcelain artists. Indeed, equally enthraled by their allure, elegance and complex musculature various porcelain artists have been drawn to the complex challenge of creating horse figurines. Such a task requires an in-depth knowledge of porcelain as a material and a high level of artistic talent as these figurines consist of up to 70 individual parts which need to been seamlessly assembled.


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