Porcelain designs by Ena Rottenberg have been impressing customers with timeless elegance since 1930.

The designer was a member of the famous Wiener Werkstätte

As one of the few female ceramic artists of her time Ena Rottenberg was trained at the Vienna school of Applied Arts. While there, she had the opportunity to study under great ceramic pioneers namely Anton Hanek and Michael Powolny.To this day, Ena Rottenberg is not only recognized for her pioneering and paramount work as a ceramic artists but also for her historical impact as one of the members of the “Wiener Wekstätte”, a key Viennese artistic collective.

In 1930 she designed the service ENA and ORIENT for the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory.In her Orient line, Ena paired the smooth modern looking shapes of her set with intricately designed figurine faces. With their exotic flair of grandeur, these figurine heads, representing countries with which major trade routes were established, showcased the West’s utter enchantment with a world that expanded beyond their beliefs and traditions. As such, featuring “oriental elements” integrated into a vibrant and modern design, Ena Rottenberg’s 1930 line reflects the time’s fascination and deep curiosity for the “Orient”. Her service can be purchsed with a touch of gold as “Aurelia” or with a touch of platinum as “Selina”. Additionally, another line of  the service in which Ena replaced the intracate figurines with modern knobs also exists.