The Viennese artist Franz von Zülow was a member of the Vienna Secession

The inspiration for the designs of exquisite porcelain he brought back from his travels.

Franz von Zülow was born in Vienna in 1883. He attended and graduated from a drawing school when he was young before going on to study at both the Vocational Arts School and the Higher Graphical Federal Education and Research Institution in Vienna. Later on, he was invited by Christian Griepenkerl to be a guest student at the Accademy of Fine Arts. While attending the Academy, he focused on finding techniques to reproduce graphics.

His work on vases and dinner services was particularly influenced by Art Nouveau graphics. Zülow specifically mentioned Cubism and Expressionism as focal references to his creative process. As such, he paid close attention to reduced forms, straight lines, and strong primary colors.
Among his most notable decors for Augarten, he designed both “Jeunees” and “Orchid”. The former hints at his graphic training as strategic lines and geometric flowers adorn the porcelain service. The additional vibrant touch of color brought to your table with this service make for a playful summer table.
While the “Jeunesse” decor is cheerful and lighthearted, it also showcases technical prowess as it was painted according to Zülow’s pattented stenciling technique.

Adorning Michael Powolny’s vase, his “Orchid” decor is particularly complex and imaginative thus clearly reflecting is artistic prowess.

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