Stages in the life and work of the artist Friedrich Ludwig von Berzeviczy-Pallavicini

In the 1930’s, the artist designed for the porcelain manufacturer Augarten

Friedrich Ludwig von Berzeviczy-Pallavicini was born in Lausanne in 1909 to a Hungarian landowner. He studied fashion and textiles in Vienna at the School of Applied Arts. As friend of Josef Hoffmann and an artistic genius in his own right, he quickly gained recognition for his artistic talents.

In 1936 he married Klara, the niece of Anna Demel, owner of the world-famous Viennese pastry shop Demel. He decorated Demel’s storefront before beginning his career as a porcelain painter at the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten in 1937.

In late 1938 he emigrated to Capri, Italy and later to Milan, where he was creatively active until 1949. While he was in Italy, he changed his last name in honor of his mother Anna Palavicini.

In the 1950s, while living in the US, his work was presented in numerous exhibitions. He also simultaneously was producing various costumes and design pieces for Hollywood films.

Five years latter, he additionally made a name for himself in the beauty industry as he worked as an art director for both Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein.

In 1965, following the death of his wife, Klara, he took over the family owned pastry shop Demel, which he spearheaded until 1972.

In 1982 the Academy of Applied Arts awarded him an honorary membership.

His vibrant artistic life came to an end in the US in 1989.

His most notable porcelain works include his rich Turandot decor, which was originally designed for a vase. The latter was chosen to adorn our annual plate in 1998. It depicts the noble Turandot princess of the far East clothed in one of her brightly colored exotic robes.

Puccini’s opera of the same name is world famous and continues to be played in opera houses around the world.

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