Boa and python meet on the Nouveau Service ENA

Gabriele Rothemann’s nature inspired designs

Gabreil Rothemann was born in 1960 in Offenbach in Main, Germany. Trained in Photography at the Kassel School of Art, she also went on to study painting under Prof. Fritz Schwegler at the Art Accademy of Düsseldorf. Following her studies, she lived in the United States and Italy, before returning to Vienna in 2001 to take over as the newest Photography Professor at the University of Applied Arts.


She designed our “Boa” and “King python” decors drawing inspiration from photographs she had taken in 2012. Exposed at the ICFF in New York in 2014, her decor, adorning our traditional “Ena” shape gave a modern twist to a 1930s design take on an “exotic” allure. Thus delicately balancing the old and the new; Rotherman opened a historical dialogue on savoir faire and design all the while also position questions on the relation between man and nature. Her designs envelopped the service with  a mysterious and unpredictable dimension. Indeed, as her intracate snake drawings ply with the curvature and dips of the ceramic, it almost seems as if they were slowly getting into motion.

Prof. Sebastian Schütze beautiful summed up the reflection her work brought upon as he stated, “It’s about the ritual staging of the eternal antagonism between art and nature, of presence and absence, of surface and space, of figuration and abstraction.”
Thus our new tea service, born of the work of two wonderful female artists, not only reflects upon the spirit of two epochs, it also leads poses great artistic conversations.

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