The designer Gottfried Palatin received many awards for his creations

Clear lines and a reduced form

Gottfried Palatin is a notable designer who, for the past thirty years, has been working closely with glass and porcelain to create an artistic conversation.
As such, he has often collaborated with local Viennese Manufactories such as Authentics, Grundmann, Leitner Design, J & L, Lobmeyr, Mercantile, Teunen Concepts, WMF and of course our vary own Augarten Porcelain Manufactory.

His world renowned and award-winning designs have been showcased in international galleries in London, New-York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. As a designer, he is known for his agile use of form to create mature and reduced objects which balance clear and rigid lines with delicate curves. In a way, his designs come together to create a new modern language as he manages to combine past elegance with a pure modern flair.
Since 2005, Palatin has been working on varríous series for our Manufactory . Indeed, he has designed and created floor vases, tins and an entire “Palatin” dinner service, which can additionally be personalized with monograms in red, turquoise or dark blue.