Gundi Dietz is a porcelain designer with her whole body and soul

Decades of fruitful cooperation

Gundi Dietz has been faithful to porcelain since the beginning of her artistic career. As a result, she has been connected to the Augarten Porcelain Manufactory for decades.
She has not only dedicated her work to fantastical human beings but also to animals. While working with Augarten the range of both human and animalistic figurines she has produced, ranging from female figurines to bulls and frogs, has been immense, truly shocasing her mastery for the craft.

Dietz has reportedly stated being enthralled by the power of figurines as emotional vessels, particularly within the realm of sensuality. She firmly believed figures, through their gestures, gazes and postures, provoke and touch a part of our soul. She saw the additional fragile quality of porcelain as another essential component in this reflective dialogue for the precisousness of the medium and symbolic message of the piece leaves for wide narrative and imaginative potential. Thus, figurines bring an additional touch of grandeur and mystery to any surface they are placed upon.

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