BERG_WASSER cup made of fine Augarten porcelain

A contest and a unique cup.
Hanna Burkhart, is a young Austrian artist who was put in the spotlight in 2015, thanks to her innovative and modern “Berg_Wasser” cup. Born in 1989 in Vienna, she graduated from the Viennese University of Applied Arts in 2015 and is currently studying landscape design while working as a freelance designer and artist.

During the winter semester of the 2013/14 accademic year, the Austrian Tourism Office of Vienna initiated an artistic competition with the city’s University of Applied Arts in order to promote their 2015 program entitled ”Nature Reloaded“. The Viennese artist Hanna Burkart won first prize for her porcelain cup MOUNTAIN_WATER. She subsequently stated “My piece MOUNTAIN_WATER reflects the imposing alpine landscape of Austria as well as its exceptional water quality”. Her vision is ultimately clearly portrayed with this surreal rock looking cup as both the object’s shape and its purpose align with her design.

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