Eve & Eve by Julia Hanzl.

Femininity as a central thematic

Sculptor Julia Hanzl was Born in Vienna 1982, sculptor Julia Hanzl grew up in an a family of artists. She went on to study at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where she studied under Prof. Lorenz in the Ceramics Department.

Alongside her independant creations, Hanzl has also realised various commissioned pieces ranging from a life-size graveyard angel made of bronze for a Viennese crypt for example to a large-scale aluminium version of the sculpture “Who killed Smiley?” for the Cserni Collection.

In collaboration with various artists dedicated to “Frank Realism”, she has particpated in various group exhibitions both nationally and abroad and has also had solo exhibits.

Working in collaboration with Augarten, she created “Eve + Eve”. Depicting two women coming together as one in a sensual embrace, her piece explored gender constructs and the artistic expression off sensuality and lust.

She is currently working on a new series for which she combines stuffed animals with ceramic human heads.

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