The Italian designer Marco Dessi and his projects with Augarten.

A service for modern life.

Born in Merano Italy in 1976, Marco Dessí  went on to Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. While attending, some of his projecs began to draw international interest for his work showcased design as an interractive process. Experimenting with new ideas and materials, the young artist was quickly inventing new processes and creation techniques which he would then apply to commercial and industrial projects. For him, design was not a process falling under a particular style or unified formula but rather a constantly changing creative process firmly rooted into a deep understanding of materials.

In 2007, Dessí founded his own design studio in Vienna. Since its inception, Marco Dessí’s Studio has worked with multiple well-known Viennese manufacturers such as Lobmeyr, Augarten Porcelain and Richard Lampert.

In 2010 he designed our ORBIT service.

Inspired by the eight planets circling the sun, he set out to create a service built with the idea of “dynamic simplicity” in mind. As such, evey part of the “Orbit” set is designed to be a functional system part of a larger entity. Choosing to play with porcelain’s properties, he combined glazed and biscuit textures thus creating a modern atmosphere with a refined galaxtic feel.