Mostlikely has created many innovative projects with the Augarten Porcelain Manufactory

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3D lampshades and figurines are designed on the computer and made of porcelain

Mostlikely combines architecture, computer graphics, design, and sound design. The innovative projects range from buildings with art installations to videos and music productions, where the boundaries between media flow seamlessly into one another. The Vienna agency is operated by the five partners Wolfgang List, Kurt Mühlbauer, Maik Perfahl, Mark Neuner and Robert Black. Mostlikely Design was founded by Maik Perfahl and Wolfgang List in 2012. The goal of Mostlikely Design is to offer affordable and local products from within the European Union. Augarten, with its almost 300-year-old history, meets the young company Mostlikely. In short: High-tech meets Viennese tradition. DIY lampshades by Mostlikely served as the foundation for the porcelain figurines developed on the computer, printed in 3D and then produced and hand-painted by the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten. The first two figurines of this kind for Augarten were the Penguin “Xavier” and his friend the Owl “Isidor”. Since 2015, they have a little sister, the Cat Tin. The special feature of these figurines is their edgy look, recalling their original construction out of paper. This so-called low-poly design meets the contemporary demands of porcelain figurines.

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