Philipp Bruni designs contemporary home accessories made of porcelain for Augarten

Creative ideas and their expressive implementation in design.

“Aesthetics, functionality, technology, ergonomics, economy, comfort, safety, feasibility, sustainability, and much more … – the success of a product is based on many aspects.
Intelligent design means to find the perfect balance between all these factors, with the aim of maximizing each one.” -Bruni

Extremely active on the international design Scene, Bruni has studios in both Milan and Vienna. With clients of renowned international brands, such as the lamp manufacturer Molto Luce, the catering giant Do & Co, the classic Austrian mineral water producer Römerquelle, the confectionery cult brand Manner, and our Manufactory Bruni is an extremely active designer.He claims that multidimensional thinking and his culturally diverse background have been the most important keyes to his success.

Being a  creative thinker, mechanical engineer, economist and craftsmen he uses his different foundations to come up with fresh ideas which he then proceeds to translate into expressive and compelling designs. Brunni is the designer behind our beautiful flagship store in the heart of Vienna. Moreover, he is also the man behind our one of a kind “Pinocchio” vase. Unique in both its shape and structure, this vase precisely combines physics and design to make your flowers effortlessly dance upon your table.

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