princesses and princes on Augarten porcelain

A delightful children’s decor

Silke Leffler is a famous Austrian designer and illustrator. Born in Vorarlberg in 1970, Leffler spent her youth between Holland, Austria, Africa and Northern Germany. Following her highschool graduation, she began studying textile design and went on to work for a design studio in England. She completed her studies in textile design and has, since 1996, been working as a freelance textile designer for various international companies.

Since 1998, she has also been working as an illustrator. Indeed, her work is easily recognizable as it has come to grace various children’s books, calendars and postcards.
She notably created a design for Augarten which re-interprets the classic tale of “The Princess and the Pea”. The fun and colorful design thus makes for a perfect set for small children and according to Leffler, simultaneously “touches the dreamy childhood spirit inside every adult”.

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