Proper porcelain care

We show you the right care

So that your porcelain piece will last a lifetime

We show you how to care for your porcelain pieces properly. Care is the most important thing for a long-lasting piece of porcelain. It depends on a few basic things. We will show you exactly what these are: 

Care for porcelain

The old question "dishwasher yes or no" depends a little bit on whether it is a newer piece or a service that has already become outdated. In principle, there is nothing wrong with cleaning in the dishwasher, as long as it does not happen daily, the short program is used and no cleaning tabs but powders are used. Otherwise the decor could fade with time. Unfortunately, most damage to porcelain is caused by human hands when the machine is put away and put away.

Dishwasher safe decor

Of course we at Augarten have designs such as "Young@Heart", "Menschen" or our new addition "Plissé", which are dishwasher-safe and therefore wonderful companions for every day.

More about dishwasher safe decor


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