Culinary Art

Let us take a trip back in time to Austria’s Imperial Era and trace the origins of Austria’s cooking traditions, the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire …

The cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, an extensive kingdom straddling the Danube, and once included half of mainland Europe, is a veritable treasure chest of culinary delights and specialities.

Our menu reflects the broad range of dishes originating in the area, not least Hungarian goulash, Bohemian pancakes, Serbian diced meat with rice and Tyrolean bacon dumplings.  Many dishes originate in specific places such as Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Temeswar, Dubrovnik and Venice.

Some of the old Viennese dishes that have stood the test of time are Wiener Schnitzel (breaded meat escalope), Tafelspitz (prime cut of beef) and Germknödel (dumplings filled with plum compote).

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