Hospitality has been on this site since 1776.  The court chef Ignaz Jahn, empress Maria Theresia’s personal chef, served guests coffee, hot chocolate, tea and almond milk for breakfast and for lunch he served warm dishes and Austrian and foreign wine.  His novelty was “mineral water”, which was recommended by doctors, and a daily portion of fresh donkey-milk.  The famous morning concerts, balls and galas commenced in 1782.

A wonderful way to follow the old traditions of hospitality is to organise your own celebration here.  Augarten Place is a heavenly place for your wedding reception, birthday party, child’s christening celebration, company event such as a reward for your staff and colleagues or launch of a new product.  You’ll feel like an emperor, or empress, in our delightful palace!

We look forward to hearing how we can make your day the most wonderful of your life!

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